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Our EBRS newsletter is posted monthly (September - May or June) on the EBRS website and members receive notice via email to a link that takes one directly to the current newsletter. We also typically post our current newsletter via a link for everyone to download on this Webpage. Our June 2021 newsletter is posted here. This will be the last issue for our 2020/2021 season and the new 2021/2022 season will be described in upcoming Web pages here as well as with our September 2021 newsletter.


Publishing electronically saves us considerable expense in printing and mailing costs as well as in the time-consuming job of printing, stuffing and addressing envelopes that the distribution committee would have to do. If you are not able to access the newsletter on the web, you can tell us that you need a mailed copy when you complete the membership form (see the "Join Us!" page).


We invite you to contribute articles and photos you think to be of interest to our recorder community. To do so, email our Newsletter Coordinator and Publisher season Suzanne Siebert, and please note in the subject matter heading that it is for the EBRS newsletter.



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