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Monthly playing sessions are conducted by a professional guest conductor from September through May or June.  Our sessions had normally started on Fridays at 7:30 pm and ended at 10:00 pm with a break for announcements, chapter business, snacks and socializing at about 8:40 pm. Our Saturday sessions had begun at 10:00am. These times were before the coronavirus.


Below is our present schedule for 2020/2021. The first playing session conducted by Hanneke is planned to begin Friday evening at 7:30pm and be online (barring any unexpected - but welcome - change in the status of our public health situation); however, it will last 90 minutes, which is shorter than our previous "normal" schedule, since the online sessions take considerably more time and effort to prepare. Our Saturday sessions will begin at 10:00am and, if held in person, will last until 12:30pm, but if held online will also last 90 minutes. Our "Twelfth Night" Sunday session on January 3rd will be held in the aftenoon--conductor and time to be announced. Please visit this Web page for updates as our season progresses since we will return to in-person playing when feasible.

September 4 (Friday evening)             Hanneke van Proosdij

October 2 (Friday evening)                 Tish Berlin

November 7 (Saturday morning)          Derek Tam

December 4 (Friday evening)               Andy Canepa

January 3 (Sunday afternoon)               (waiting for confirmation)

February 6 (Saturday morning)              Andrew Levy

March 5 (Friday evening)                        Frances Blaker

April 2 (Friday evening)                        Judy Linsenberg

May 1 (Saturday morning)                      Greta Haug-Hryciw 

June 4 (Friday evening)                           Peter Maund


Since we anticipate that at least our first playing session of the new season in September will be online (with Zoom) we expect to offer a basic training session ahead of the September meeting for those who are not so familiar with the Zoom platform to reassure all of us that meetings will remain accessible to all (and possibly to more of our members than usual, since they will not have to find their way to Oakland in person). 



Hanneke van Proosdij